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Due to the harsh and uncompromising nature of the railroad business, things are going to break. The fact that most of the equipment we work on is over 40 years old is a major contributing factor to these failures. Finding a company that has experience on the hundreds of different locomotive models can also be a challenge.  

With Performance Professionals you have found technicians that have basically, see it all when it comes to locomotive failures. Be it electrical or mechanical, our team of experienced personnel can get it up and running quickly. Don't trust your investment to a truck mechanic or someone that wires houses for living. (We've seen that all too often) Call us for a quote.  

In order to keep up with evolving issues with locomotives, our technicians have been through formal training with General Motors, General Electric, and various forms of the popular Gen Sets. All of this to serve you better. We look forward to serving you and addressing your needs. 

We promise to never do this kind of work on your valuable investment.

Main Generator Change in


We Come to YOU!

Does your maintenance provider inspect the CLOCK TOWER on your locomotive?

You might want to ask him.

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