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We have a rather large inventory of Switch Engines and Road Engines for immediate sale. Switchers are from 600 HP up to 1500 HP and the Road engines are both GE and EMD. Prices are all over the scale, it depends on the condition of the equipment and it's popularity. 

This is a sample picture of one of our SW1200's. We currently have three in our inventory and access to many more around the country. 



Alco RS11

European Model.


GE Super Seven

GE Chain Drive


Locomotives currently available for immediate sale, located all over the US, Mexico and Canada.

Switch Engines:

EMD - SW600, SW1000, SW1200, SW1500 and MP1500

GE - 65T, GE100T

Road Units:

EMD - GP40-2, GP40-3, SD40, SD40-2, SD40-3, GP38, GP38-2

GE - B23-7, B30-7, C30-7,

Give us a call at 912-614-4203 to find out more.

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